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C Corporation

A C corporation is the most common corporate structure. It is a legal entity separate from its owners, and may have an unlimited number of shareholders. A major advantage of any corporate form is that it limits the personal liability of the owners for claims against the corporation

Sub Chapter S Corporation

An S corporation is a taxation election you can choose when you incorporate. Many small business owners elect S corporation status because it combines many of the advantages of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporate structures.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Similar to corporations, LLCs shield personal assets from business debt. LLCs can elect to be taxed like partnerships, only at the individual level when profits are paid as dividends. This yields a considerable advantage over C corporations, which are subject to double-taxation.

Non-Profit Corporation

Nonprofit corporations neither issue shares nor pay dividends, and no part of the income may be distributed to its members, directors, or officer. Nonprofit does not mean tax-exempt. A “tax-exempt organization” is a unique entity that is usually a nonprofit organization.

Professional Corporation

Professional corporations are entities for which certain states contain corporation statues to make special provisions, regulating the use of the corporate entity by licensed professionals such as doctors, attorneys, engineers, and accountants.

International Plans

LegalFilings’ International plan incorporation package includes payment of the state filing fees, an Apostle seal, registered agent services, and a corporate kit at an affordable price. We currently have plans available for the two most popular states of Delaware and Nevada.

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Entity Comparison Chart

LegalFilings Comparison Chart helps you quickly compare entity characteristics including the advantages and disadvantages of forming a C Corporation, Subchapter S Corporation or LLC.

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