Protect your personal assets by forming a C Corporation. LegalFilings offers fast, reliable, and guaranteed incorporation services to get your business started today.

We can form a C corporation, in any of the 50 states. Our corporation package includes:

  • Company name availability check for the state you select
  • Preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation
  • Payment of the state filing fees for your selected state
  • Payment of the initial franchise tax (if this tax is due upon filing of the articles)

A C corporation is the most common corporate structure. It is a legal entity separate from its owners, and may have an unlimited number of shareholders. A major advantage of any corporate form is that it limits the personal liability of the owners for claims against the corporation. This liability is usually limited to the amount of money invested in the corporation. Additionally, as a separate entity, a corporation has unlimited life, extending it beyond the life of its owners. As an entity with shares of stock representing ownership, financing a corporation through sale of stock is often easier than the sale of interests in other ownership forms such as a partnership.

The main disadvantage of a C corporation is taxation. Taxes on a federal level are paid twice on the income of a corporation, once at the corporate level and once again as income tax when the income of the corporation is passed to the shareholders in the form of dividends. This concept is known as "double-taxation."

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