Non-Profit Tax Filing Services - Form 990 Preparation

Our Form 990 service includes all the necessary preparation of the tax forms to keep your non-profit in compliance with the IRS.

Your nonprofit’s relationship with the IRS doesn’t end when you receive your tax-exempt status. That’s only the beginning. The IRS will continually require compliance with the myriad of complex tax laws and regulations. Dealing with the IRS and its rules is the price all nonprofits pay in return for the substantial tax benefits they receive.

We provide full-service Form 990 preparation at flat rates prepared by a licensed Enrolled Agent. Our flat rates depend on the type of return required based on your organization's gross receipts:

  • Form 990 N and state return (gross revenue < $50,000) - $100
  • Form 990 EZ and state return (gross revenue between $50,000 and $200,000) - $1,100
  • Form 990 and state return (gross revenue > $200,000) - $1,600

For further information, please use our contact form or call us toll free at 800-880-2602.